Friday, August 30, 2013

Two Girls on Train - Divided by Space

This was taken during rush hour...
it is rare to have an empty seat on the train.

I was fascinated by these 2 ladies.
One totally lost in her reading, unaware,
and the other totally bored but aware of all that surrounded her.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Snapping Out of Zombie Mode...

I have a day job...
a stressful,
not creative,
day job.

I've allowed the corporate stress 
to swallow me - 
thus I've been absent here lately,
and for that I apologize.

To find balance
I've been playing along with Catherine Just
during the past few months.

First in her In Plain Sight course
and I am now participating in The Deepening.
I've consciously chosen
to set my intention,
for the course, to be where I am.

To consciously notice where I am.

I live in NYC,
and I admit,
 I commute in "zombie mode".

Early Train...                     (c) 2013 Lori Moon
I get on the subway or bus and I put my nose in a book
or my phone. I ignore the person standing next to me.
By the way, they are probably standing too close,
I can probably feel their breath, 
I can tell if they brushed their teeth,
or not, after their morning coffee...
So, I choose to not make eye contact,
to not say hello, to pretend they aren't there.

This month, though, I have made a promise to myself
to notice where I am during my commute,
to snap out of zombie mode,
to deepen, to be present,
to take photos.

Discretely take photos, very discretely.

Plugged In...                     (c) 2013 Lori Moon
I'm choosing to use the Hipstamatic app
during the whole month
and to use the same film (D-Type Plate) 
and lens (Tinto 1884). 

Daydreaming Captured...        (c) 2013 Lori Moon
I am so very thankful to Catherine.
For her bravery to teach,
her ability to embrace fully what she shares but
also her willingness to be vulnerable, 
in my opinion, a good teacher shares an intimate 
part of themselves through the content of their class,
which she does with graciousness
and a tenderness that is infectious.

Something inside of me is awakening and I like it.
I promise, I'll back soon with a few additional photographs
of my travels on NYC public transportation.
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