Friday, August 24, 2012

My Little Bliss...

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I am linking up with Liv Lane today and her Little Bliss List. I am really enjoying sharing what has brought me happiness and joy this past week with you. The real truth is that it makes me more aware throughout the week, more grateful, more positive, more present. I love it! 

1. I helped a fellow flyer with a few questions the other day and she called me Wonder Woman. I smiled, it is what Superman (my partner) calls me. Too funny! I love knowing that I've helped someone else - it touches my heart.

2. I've been seeing Dragonflies everywhere. Now seeing them in the park is common but there are so many right now. Earlier this week I had one follow me while took a walk at lunch and I wasn't in the park. I was on Madison Avenue and 32nd Street - no where near Central Park. The universe speaks to us in amazing ways if we are tuned in. To me dragonflies signify change and living in the moment. Dragonflies only fly for a few months of their lives so I need to remember to enjoy the ride and not get caught up in the what will be.

Look close, and past the city street garbage, after it followed me for a few blocks the dragonfly landed at my feet in the upper right corner on the metal edge line of the curb. Amazing.

3. It really is the little things that mean the most: 
a cup of coffee delivered to my desk as I struggled with a project at my day job, 
the man who helped me into a cab after I went grocery shopping alone after work, 
a friend calling just to see how I was feeling, 
another friend emailing with the same concern, 
Superman's unconditional love and support, 
and kitten snuggles.

4. Hanging out with girlfriends at our non-book club night out. We used to be a book club but life has just gotten in the way and we don't have the time to read as much any more so we just get together for drinks, good food, and great company.

5. I am having so much fun receiving postcards from the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. My first postcard is from the lovely Lorinda who often pops in here and leaves sweet comments. So much fun to receive a card from someone that I know.  You can find her photos, art, and warm words here.
I hope your week is filled with blissful moments.


  1. Love your list! I love dragonflies and dragonfly sightings! And helping someone is one of the best feelings. I too am participating in Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap - isn't it lovely to get a nice surprise like a postcard from someone you know?

  2. I love how you and your friends just shifted gears when you discovered the book club wasn't working anymore. That is really special and shows how valuable your relationships are to each other.

  3. So many lovely things to be happy and grateful for...I enjoyed reading your list. x

  4. Such a lovely list Lori! So much love and support shared. I knew dragonflies signified change but not that they fly for such a short time. Very interesting... Thanks so much for sharing my card (and blog)--you're the sweetest! I've received two now. I'm learning to love the mailbox once again! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  5. Your bliss list was so full - I loved reading about it:) I learned something new about dragonflies and I think they are a great messenger of living right now after what you explained about their life.

    I must say when you talk about Superman I'm glad for you because he seems really really wonderful!


  6. Lorina is a great artist, I'm following her blog for some time now. :) And I saw dragonflies too! For me they always represented transformation but your opinion feels more accurate, thanks for sharing your bliss! :)

  7. Hi Lori! My jaw dropped when you spoke of seeing dragonflies everywhere! I met one high above the Minneapolis skyline on Friday night - it lingered for nearly 5 minutes and seemed to be speaking to me. They are great omens! Love to you! xo


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