Friday, September 14, 2012

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap Joy

A few months ago I signed up to participate in Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap and we're having a blog hop.

Mind you, I didn't have any postcards at the time but loved the idea of sending in 5 of mine and receiving 5 from other artists. 

I chose my photo of Cold Morning Horse and sent off my order. 

I love this photo. It was taken one very early Winter morning in Wisconsin. The way the morning light made the shadow blue, the light outline of the horse, and the fact that you can see his breath all just evoke such emotion for me. A calm yet bitterly cold day. One of those crisp Winter days that you long to stay in bed but you get up just to breathe in the morning.

I had such joy through out the month that I received little bits of art in my mail box. Living in NYC means concrete and crowds on a daily basis so to receive little bits of colorful art made my days after arriving home from the day job.

The above postcards are from the lovely:

Lorinda at Everyday Endeavors - love the colors on this painting (I loved that the first postcard I received came from someone that I know via this beautiful online art world.)

Polly Johnson (wonderful hand tinted and stamped collage art) - do me a favor and tilt your head to the right. :)

Christine at Christine Create - love the shapes, the colors, and if you visit her blog her photos are stunning!

The above postcards are from:

Christina at Soul Aperture - this photo made me smile, the colors, the perspective - joy!

Justine of Justine Gordon Photography - pure simple beauty in black & white - lovely!

and the hostess Kat at Kat Eye Studio - lovely, I just want to walk and see what is around the bend in this photo.

The playfulness of anticipation each day when I would arrive home from work, check the mail box, and flip through the days arrivals just to see if a postcard had arrived was a little like Christmas.

I am already thinking about which photo I would like to include for next year.

Now, please, please, please, hop over to Kat's blog, Kat Eye Studio, and visit a few other blogs to see the other wonderful postcards that were created and sent all over the word.


  1. I love the card that you sent. I saw it posted on the FB page and thought it was a fabulous choice. I look forward to seeing your work again next year.

  2. I have seen your horse so many times in this wonderful postcard swap, it is so distinctive and fantastic and I love that you got one of my cards too! lovely to meet you and I love your blog!

  3. your horse is stunning... lets do a side swap... I think I need a little more Lori on my studio wall...xx

  4. That horse is so beautiful, I've seen it on another blog as well as Facebook, I just love it! See you next year, I hope.

  5. You got some fabulous cards Lori! All different from any I received. Love that VW van! I never did get one of your gorgeous horses, in case you have any left over for the side-swap we 'talked' about... xx

  6. I love the card you sent and think that everyone who received it has commented on how beautiful it was. I think the cards you received are also wonderful, such a variety.


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