Friday, January 25, 2013

Giveaway Winner Announced

Thanks to all of you who commented on my 300th post on Monday.

The giveaway, one of my favorite photos, Cold Morning Horse will have a new home.

This photo was taken on a back road in Wisconsin on a very cold winter's morning. 
I love the gray blue light that the morning light brings. 

The multiple patterns in the photo 
(the horse, the fence, the snow in the foreground) 
make my eye wonder. 
But, my favorite part is his breath. 

I wrote the names of those of you who commented on slips of paper.

I folded and placed them in a mug.

And, the winner is Kat at Feed Your Soul Art. Yahoo!!! Yippee!!! 

Kat, send me an email 
lorimoonstudio at 
and I will happily get your 
photographic print in the mail along with a bonus goodie. 

Thanks everyone!


  1. hi Lori!! My heart skipped when i saw this familiar photo... :-) I have it framed by my desk so i see it everyday. Funny i love the SAME thing about the photo as you - not only are those blue colors so captivating, but the horse's breath always catches my eye. i'm so happy for you that you completed the Sketchbook Project!! Wasn't it fun?! i can't wait to see it on-line. Make sure to post the link when you get it, ok? Take care girl. i think of you often... xox

  2. Congratulations Kat . . . enjoy you lovely photograph.

  3. Congratulations Kat. Lucky you. Enjoy the photo and thanks again Lori for the chance of winning.


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