Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Juicy. . .April Moon Day 2

I'm playing along with Kat over at I Saw You Dancing 
and her April Moon reflective writing challenge.
I can't promise I will write everyday 
but I do promise to post at the very least a photo, 
 art, or some thing each day during the next 2 weeks.

Today's one word prompt is JUICY.

The photo above was taken during the first few days 
after we arrived in California.
I grew up in the Midwest.
I didn't see my first ocean beach until I was in college.
So, to put my toes in the ocean,
see dolphins swim past the beach,
collect heart shaped rocks and sea glass 
is all so juicy.

I mean, OMG, I am enjoying
every juicy minute of it.


  1. You captured it perfectly! You are living in the moment! It looks like heaven. :)

  2. Those photos capture a time so juicy it is practically glowing! x


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