Monday, March 5, 2012

Shared Messages from the Universe - Step Aside

I've wanted to take this picture for awhile but I often have only thought about it during my commute to or from work and that means that it has been way to crowded to do so. This weekend I was with a girlfriend and on our way to Grand Central I was finally able to get the shot. She giggled when I took it, smiled and told me it was a great shot.

By the way, you know what it is like, right? To have something in mind that you want to capture or get done but something just gets in the way and you end up putting it off until later?
Well, I don't know about you but often for me, it usually means that I got in my own way.

Let me say that again - it usually means that I got in my own way.

I may have made an excuse or multiple excuses, this one goes through my head often (just due to my lack of space): I'll have to unpack all of those will take a while....I only have a couple of the time I get the supplies out and then have to put them back...I will only end up creating/working on my project for an hour...never mind, that isn't enough time to really make an impact.

OMG...negative Lori needs to go away!

An hour to create! Really an hour to escape my head, my reality, to make something beautiful. Embrace the hour!
Step aside excuses!

Step aside inner critic!

Step aside voice of fear!

Step aside brain that over thinks everything!



  1. She is right- this is a great shot with a powerful message! I too am finding I am in my own way too often and need to step aside.

  2. Lori~
    I would love to frame the last 5 lines of your blog (the Step aside comments), as I too struggle with the very same things, over and over....
    You are AMAZING!

  3. I just LOVE your photo shot! I'm always taking "weird or different" shots with my camera. Your posting really is right on! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Ahh, I see negative Lorinda has been in good company! At least we're learning when it's 'them' talking...

    I like the idea of stepping aside. "Outta my way, I'm comin' through." Thanks for the great post Lori xx

  5. thankyou lori for sharing your honesty here, I can totally relate to this post of yours and it all sounds so familiar. This was just what I needed to hear (o: wishing you much joy on that next little moment that comes along and offers you a creative opportunity, enjoy! Liza xxx

  6. Oh Lori... we have ALL heard the voice of fear, the inner critic, etc. I could so relate to this. Your last few words made me smile too... there's an old "SEINFELD" episode where Elaine is basically throwing George out the door and she keeps repeating, "STEP OFF GEORGE..JUST STEP OFF"... it made me laugh then and I could so visualize this when i read your words. You ROCK girl!! xoxo

  7. are you inside MY head? You are soooooo correct! Agreed: and am stepping aside! XO


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