Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday...

I am hopping on Julia's weekly hop, What's on your Workdesk Wednesday today over at Stamping Ground. I wasn't sure I was going to join.

This past week I have mostly spent my time revisiting and reworking my Hello Soul Hello Business lessons from the first half of class. The second half of class started just a couple of days ago,on Monday, and I am already behind...much to read, worksheets to do (you'll notice in the photo below that there is no writing on the worksheets) - sigh. I will get there.
Over the weekend I worked on a necklace for a dear family friend - one of my Mom's best friends. When I was home over the holidays she gave me her Mother's jewelry (a few necklaces, her wedding ring, her charm bracelet) and asked that I put it together into a necklace. You see, she saw the necklace I made out of my Gram's jewelry at her funeral and asked if I would help and do the same for her.

I made a lot of progress. You see, up until this weekend I was in demolition mode. Carefully taking pieces apart - sawing jump rings, removing charms (which will be shared with each of the children and grandchildren that are represented on their respective charm), taking part the watch, etc.

Cherished memories made into a repurposed necklace rather than sitting in a jewelry box and never being worn means so much to me. I'll be honest, this is the first time I am doing this for someone else and I was a little nervous that I would ruin or mess something up but I haven't and won't ...and I can honestly say that I am enjoying the process of creating a signature single piece out of her treasured memories.

I still have work to do, when you put this on everything clumps together. I am going to work on creating beads, similar to the gold piece that I created out of part of a necklace to hold the wedding ring on, to go in between each item so that there will be more space when worn.

Do you have cherished family jewelry that's sitting in a box and not being worn? Would you like a necklace or charm bracelet to be made out of the pieces? Feel free to send me an email at lorimoonstudio[@]gmail[.]com - FYI take the brackets [ ] out.

Feel free to hop over to WOYWW at Stamping Ground and stalk a few desks.



  1. What a brilliant idea to use up old jewellery we don't use anymore! It makes it so much more interesting. Thanks for sharing! Karen 139 x

  2. Lori--I love what you're doing with all the charms. My mom has some charm bracelets with sweet charms representing me and my two brothers. I'll have to keep this in mind next time I go to her house. Perhaps she'd let me do something with them since they are just sitting in her jewelry box. I remember as a little girl going in there a lot and playing with the charms--they were so cool to a little girl!


  3. I love the jewelry, its stunning and such a clever idea to re-use old pieces. Its beautiful.

    Have a fab WOYWW and a great week, Luv Karen xx

  4. Clever and brilliant use of unusual...'beads' ... :)
    xx 125

  5. What you are doing is very cool, I am also working on something similar with pins and broaches from my mother and grandmother, but it's not jewlery, just something that can be viewed everyday instead of in a box! as always, waving from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

  6. what a special, thoughtful project. xx

  7. That necklace is wonderful and it must be so special to wear as a keepsake of precious memories.

  8. Love the charms, love what you're doing! Hi from The New Forest in Hampshire England!Have a great crafty week. Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #26

  9. Oh, this necklace is such a treasure. i think it's wonderful that you're making this jewelry visible again to the world. You do such beautiful work Lori. xoxo

  10. You're so clever, that necklace is fab. Take care & enjoy this week's WOYWW, it's now Friday & I'm still snooping! Zo xx 60

  11. What a wonderful idea! Such a precious memory for your Moms friend to wear.


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