Friday, March 16, 2012

The Little Bliss List...

Every Friday, Liv Lane hosts the Little Bliss List link is about listing the little things that have touched our hearts and made us feel joy, peace, warmth, love and/or a little bliss during the past week. So, I'm jumping on the bliss band wagon.

Today she referenced a theme of Sunny Side Up. What a great to describe my week and the 70+ days of this past week here in NYC.

1. The simple things can make me smile. This smiley face that was drawn on a bench made me smile and laugh out loud. We all need to laugh a little more.

2. The sun on my face. This week the weather was so lovely, 70+ degrees in NYC in March - crazy! I enjoyed short walks during my lunch break and the sun warmed my soul.

3. Flowers, I love flowers.  I took myself on a date last Saturday with my camera. I left Superman in bed and went out for breakfast, walked the market while NYC slept, took some pictures and bought treats (farm fresh eggs, crushed tomatoes, apples, and apple pie, and tulips).

Click the button below and visit the link party to stalk a few other blogs. Get inspired by reading their blogs and remembering what brought you bliss and touched your heart this past week.
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As always, thanks for being a part of my creative journey. - Lori


  1. I love your idea of a date. Doesn't the weather make a great difference in how we feel?!

  2. Wow, flowers - loved the shot of them.

  3. We've had amazing 70s in Wisconsin too! It's so odd--I told my daughter today I feel like I should be planting outdoor flowers! I love the pics you share of your journeys--especially all those flowers.


  4. Look at you with your sunny warm weather! (70 is warm right? I'm a Canuck....we use Celsius.) I love all those tulips--they just ARE spring. It sounds like you had a wonderful date :-) Happy weekend! xx


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