Friday, August 3, 2012

Little Bliss

I am linking up with Liv Lane today and her Little Bliss List. I am really enjoying sharing what has brought me happiness and joy this past week with you. The real truth is that it makes me more aware throughout the week, more grateful, more positive, more present. I love it!

1. Thank you to all of you for your warm wishes and kind comments during my past few weeks of fibromyalgia flare pain. I have started to feel better the past few days and will hopefully continue on this upswing. Your kindness warms my heart and your words of encouragement brought a wave of smiles to my face. Thank you!

2. The joys of a kitten. Java has been a handful mostly because or our expectations. We thought we were adopting a small 3 year old cat but surprise she's a kitten, 10 months old. During the past 3 months she's made great strides: she know her name, plays fetch, follows me around, and recently has chosen to not always bite and chase Tucker. Here they are enjoying the view out our 4th floor window. (photo by Superman)

3. I received my Moo postcards for Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art postcard swap. I am giddy with joy at how well they turned out. I chose to print my favorite photo of my Cold Morning Horse. I can't wait to receive some postcard love. I so enjoy to receive handwritten cards and letters.

4. I feel so blessed to be a part of Rachél Payne's Touch the Moon e-course.  Picture  I will be guest posting about my soul whispers aka messages from the universe and intuition. Visit her website to learn more about this magical adventure about the moon, creativity and art. Make sure to register. It all starts on August 27th and runs through October 31st to coincide with the Blue Moon and the Full Moon that occur during this time. Enjoy and I'll see you there!

I hope you have a bliss filled week.

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  1. I haven't tried any Moo postcards but I do get my business cards from them. They do a good job. I like the photo of your cats.

  2. I thought that was your course Lori! Touch the moon... sounds like you. Another wonderful post.

  3. hey ! I'm doing the postcard swap as well... hoping they made it across the atlantic ok

  4. Our cats play fetch too, and everyone thinks it's so strange. Made me smile to know yours do too


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