Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reverb12 . . . taking it all in

Reverb12 has started over at I Saw You Dancing and I am loving it, though I am not sharing much. I have honestly just been taking it all in and thinking, meditating, and dreaming. In a way this is what it is all about. I saw this sign yesterday when I was out walking at lunch and it describes where I am right now.

Sign #ssdecember

My days are filled with day job craziness so when I can I take a few moments of silence - I savor them.

Reverb12 - Each day there is a new question that is meant to allow us to reflect on 2012, soul search, and dream about 2013. The prompts are inspiring new ideas and dreaming – pure yumminess in my book.

Day 1:  How are you starting?
Day 2:  Your most significant spend?
Day 3:  What do you really wish for?
Day 4:  How will you celebrate you?
Day 5:  What was your dream destination?

How are you starting?
Slowly…I know, I know, but I just came off of Blogtoberfest and Art Every Day Month so I’ll be honest with myself blogging every day during December just isn’t my reality. I’m okay with this, I accept it, and instead, I will be journaling, writing, and dreaming. Blogging will be done by clumping a few days together, like today.

Your most significant spend?
Online class - Hello Soul Hello Business. This class was filled with dreaming and how to information. Honestly, too much information for me. I have a more than full time day job and am working on balancing all my creative endeavors outside my 9-6+.  I am creating a plan and will unveil new fun things in 2013. HSHB helped me figure out my priorities and my limitations. I cannot do it all and need to be patient. Slow and forward is always better than stuck and I am moving forward just slowly.

What do you really wish for?
Oh, there are so many things…but I wish for all my days to be filled with creativity, inspiration, travel, and art activities.  

How will you celebrate you?
Purely is the first word that came to mind. I believe that we all need a little “me” time and that when you do this it should be done with pureness, you must be present in the moment, and you need to do it alone.  For me, this means with my camera in my hand. An artist date with my camera and NYC is on the schedule for this coming weekend.

What was your dream destination?
I have longed to go to Italy. The color palette of the country speaks to my soul, the food, the history… one day I know that I will get there.

If you want to read how reverb12 is going for the other’s who are participating this year hop over to I Saw You Dancing, read the comments, and jump to a few blogs.


  1. what a great list... I had a a panic at first thinking you were going to blog every day like superwoman... the last two month were freaky amazing and you would have put us all to shame... but this is kind of perfect... I am heading over to have a peek...xx

  2. I really like the journaling idea behind Reverb12...I haven't participated yet...but there are so many thoughts bursting inside my head to each of the prompts. Great 'fodder' for my art journal. When I saw your photo I thought it would be a great addition to my Cool Clicks meme on my photo blog if you would like to link up I would love to have you join in ;)


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