Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Bliss List

Every Friday, Liv Lane hosts the Little Bliss List link is about listing the little things that have touched our hearts and made us feel joy, peace, warmth, love and/or a little bliss during the past week. So, I'm jumping on the bliss band wagon.

A smile can really change my mood. I don't know about you but living in NYC means that you often see the same people during your commute. It also means that you usually don't acknowledge one another, you don't say hi, you don't chit just go about your day. This past week there were moments of stranger kindness, even in this big city, that made me smile:

1. To the man who held the bus door for me when my hands were full - thank you.

2. To the woman who assisted me when I dropped my purse on the bus the other morning. You could have walked past but you stopped and helped - thank you.

3. To the pizza guy at the shop around the corner from my apartment who waves at me every night when I walk past - thank you for creating a sense of community.

4. To the woman who sat next to me on the bus, asked to look at my photos while I did on my camera instead of pretending not to look but looking anyway, your kind words meant so much - thank you.

5. To the man who gave me his seat on the subway the other night because he was kind and could tell that I was not feeling well - thank you.

6. To the artists who risk defacing public property to add their touch of creative panache to the city, you make me smile, often - thank you.

7. To the person who wrote the message in the photo below - I do hope that you find your love story that doesn't suck - but thank you for the out loud laugh when I walked past your message and the smile that stayed on my face for the next few  blocks.

What has brought you a little moment of bliss this past week?

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As always, thanks for being a part of my creative journey. - Lori


  1. Could NOT pass up that "love stories suck" image on the Little Bliss List linky party! It sucked me in and I'm glad - great post of about the kindness of strangers and a little laugh to top it off. Thanks, Lori!

  2. How nice to have such kindness from strangers.

  3. Each Friday I write about what I am most grateful for that week. These are things that also bring me bliss. I grew up in NJ and now live in the south. I still miss the wonderful people in the north.

  4. LOVE this list. Makes me happy just reading it.


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