Friday, June 22, 2012

Summertime Colors

 I am linking up with 52 Photos Project today. 

The theme this week is Summertime Colors and I always think of flowers. I used to spend a few weeks each summer as a child at my Grandparents house in the big city of Milwaukee, WI. I and my little brother, no parents, it was so much fun. 

My Grandmother had some of the most beautiful roses and lush flower gardens in her back yard. In the morning she would tend to her garden while we would play in the yard.

My Mom now has beautiful flower gardens (which is where all of pictures included above were taken recently during a visit home) and I know in my heart that if I had a yard I would too. In the meantime, I visit the gardens of Central Park.

Visit 52 Photos Project to see the wonderful pictures of everyone else's interpretation of Summertime Colors. 


  1. fabulous captures and presentation!

  2. Love the colorful compilation!

  3. It obvious where your love of flowers comes from! Stunning!! xx

  4. Very beautiful colorful flowers! Love your snapshot! <3
    I also doing this project, so fun! :)


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