Tuesday, November 6, 2012


AEDM Day 6

I'm linking up with Art Every Day Month throughout the month of November.

Creating art each day: doodling, painting, journal making, stamping, photographing, etc.

More leaves #watercolors #art #aedm2012 to be cut up and hung

I've decided that my day job office needs a little art. 

I've created an entire 9 x 12 page of leaves. I painted a background using watercolors and then with my favorite tiny brush I sketched maple leaves all over it. 

I remembered that fellow artist and friend, Deborah Velásquez had created a mobile during my May Flower Challenge and I've decided that this is what I am going to do with my leaves.

I will paint the back side of the paper then cut out the leaves and string then together. I'll share the mobile once I hang it up. Also, a few will end up in my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. 

By the way, I'd love to hear your suggestions about how and what you create when you travel with very little time. Hmmm, maybe I can doodle during the conference. I am on the road all next week for the day job (sleeping in my own bed 1 of 4 work nights). Oh, and it is a combo of planes, trains, and automobiles. 


  1. Beautiful leaves! I can't wait to see the mobile!

  2. Hello! Great idea, can't wait to see it. When I am on the go I take Small artist cards, a few sharpies, color markers and a teeeeeny water color set (Van Gogh Set), everything fits in a pencil case.

  3. Your leaves are sure to add some warmth to the day office environment. For traveling on the go, I will take a small art journal where the pages are filled with magazine and painted papers and then while I'm out and about I fill in with doodles and words.

  4. I always have big plans of doing lots of drawing and painting in my sketchbooks when I am travelling, but I usually end up writing myself lots of notes and drawing lots of thumbnail sketches of ideas rather than actual drawings... and it is great to come home with a notebook full of ideas...xx

  5. Your leaves are gorgeous! As someone who attempted to sketch a (really bad) leaf last night, I am super impressed. Love the idea of a mobile! Safe travels xx


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