Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Bliss...

I am linking up with Liv Lane today and her Little Bliss List. I am really enjoying sharing what has brought me happiness and joy this past week with you. The real truth is that it makes me more aware throughout the week, more grateful, more positive, more present. I love it!

I've had a difficult week: my fibromyalgia pain has been over the top (some day I'll share more went I won't whine), the day job has been more than stressful,  blah, blah, the little moments of bliss this week have a little more meaning to me. 

1. Cork love. Friends have been saving corks for me. What I'm going to do with them I'm not entirely sure, yet. I've carved a couple, used some for making marks on paintings but I know that there is a creative cork creation in my future so I will continue to collect them. I love the heart that was burned into the corks from a particular brand of wine that they drink. 

 2. Hanging out with very dear friends, enjoying good food, laughs and great conversation as well as a little entertainment from their daughter who is 2. I love children at this age who are just learning to talk, always inquisitive and the simple joy that they exude is contagious. Thank you friends.

3. Sometimes it is the simply things that can make me smile. I get up early and Superman sleeps later every day. The morning is my time to write, to create, to blog hop...I love the quiet. Each morning I get up and make coffee in a clean coffee pot. I said it was the simple things that can make me smile. Superman cleans the coffee pot, fills it with water each day after I've gone to work so that the next morning I just have to grind coffee and have my morning cup. He's the best. xoxo

Also, do me a favor and visit Renee Burke's blog Happily Ever After where I am guest posting today in celebration of her sumMEr of ME series. 

Click the button below and visit the link party and share the love with a few other blogs. Get inspired and remember what brought you bliss and touched your heart this past week.

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  1. Love your little bits of bliss...

  2. Hi this is Nupur from BBTL. Beautiful Pictures and touching words! I loved your colourful blog.

  3. Wonderful Lori! So glad this exercise helps you be more aware of goodness in your midst. Me, too!

  4. Sorry to hear about your pain but it is so inspiring you are choosing the good and bliss to share with us (I am not always so good about this)

  5. Glad you are staying positive! I like the heart made of corks... I bet there are lots of neat DIYs you could use those for!

  6. You are industrious - grinding your own coffee. I bet it smells so good!

  7. Love the corks, Makes me want to run to pinterest and find something to do with them :)

    Great Blog!

  8. it's joy and breath here!
    thanks for sharing
    the sweetness:)


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