Friday, January 20, 2012

Hee Hee, Highjacked by Tucker

 Good morning, world!
Lori is feeling a bit under the weather (she is still going to that crazy day job though) so I thought I would help out and post a few pics today - she'll be back on Sunday with her color snippet post.
I overheard that NYC is supposed to get a little snow tomorrow. Lori will be so happy but in the meantime I dug through her old photos and thought I would share a few snow shots that she took last year. Enjoy!

Lori loves this next picture which was taken early in the morning in Wisconsin.

Hopefully, Lori will rest this weekend so my vote is snuggles, hot tea and sleep.  No frenzy activity here...she has no voice and needs to get better.  I am sure she will still venture out into the snow - she won't be able to resist. Thanks for visiting her blog.


  1. I LOVE the picture of the horse. Just gorgeous! :)

    1. Thank you! I loved taking it too (early early morning light on a beautiful Wisconsin back road)!

  2. What a sweet post from Tucker. Since I'm IN Wisconsin right now, I know about that snow--it's been snowing all day. So funny that you included a picture of that horse--when my daughter and I were driving home from Starbucks this afternoon, we saw three horses outside and their backs were covered in snow and they were standing there so peacefully. I told her I wish I had brought my camera. I hope Lori is feeling better soon!


  3. Lori, i love reading Tucker's words. :-) Very cute...
    You have a wonderful imagination. And those pics of Tucker are so cute.
    The winter pics are gorgeous too... I hope you got at least a bit of snow. xoxo

  4. I love snow, wish we could have some. Don't they just love cardboard boxes?

  5. Tucker is really a great blogger. It is so nice he takes such great care of you. I love the pictures of the snow. Each one is really beautiful.

  6. It's so nice to hear from you again Tucker. I hope Lori is feeling better soon. Her snow pictures are fabulous!!


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