Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's on my desk...this week

Today is Wednesday and I recently started to play with other lovely artists and Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground by participating in WOYWW - what's on your workdesk Wednesday. 

The makings of journals...
As you may remember, I recently visited my family in Wisconsin. I gave my parents an assignment prior to my arrival and list of stops that we had to make upon my arrival. Well, my Dad accepted and completed the mission. I grew up in a town of 5,000 +/- people and my parents, brother, and niece still live there. Yes, I know, you're asking how did I end up in NYC? That is a topic for another post...some day.

Back to my Dad...he visited the local paint and decorating store and scored a few vinyl wallpaper sample books. Two weeks ago he picked me up at the airport and took me to Michael's to buy mod podge, gesso, and (little did he know) a frame for his gift. 
There was so much paper to pick from. Now, I know vinyl wallpaper isn't as wonderful as the old real paper wallpaper reminds me of cloth, can be written on, makes a great cover (when reinforced with cereal box board and mod podge), adds color and texture to the journals I made.

My Mom had to work and during the first couple of days my niece had school so I was left to create alone (well, my Dad was home but he didn't play with me - giggle)...and selfishly I loved every minute.

I raided my Mom's plethora of artsy supplies and discovered some great lace which accents a few pages beautifully. I incorporated the magazine snippets, used different types of paper and created a few journals. 

I still need to stitch them, create a few more, and then give a few to friends.
Sigh...this was so much fun and honestly the best part was the space and the ability to spread out on a kitchen table (oh, how I miss having a kitchen table)...sigh, again.

Well, I have back in NYC for a week and I am back to the "day job" so finishing my new creations will need to wait until I can take a breath. 

What's on your work desk? 

Don't forget to stalk other artist's over at Stamping Ground and visit their blogs today.


  1. Lori-
    They are Awesome!!!
    Wish I would have gotten to run into you while you were in WI.

  2. I would love doing this with you Lori! These turned out so nicely.

  3. Lori- I loved this idea of posting about our work desks! Thanks for sharing! Your books are coming out sooooo nice!

  4. The journals are looking great. I was just wondering what happens to discontinued wall paper samples. I'll have to down to the locally owned home improvement store and do some snooping around.....

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. That's great that your dad played along.

    WOYWW #92

  5. Dads are great, aren't they?? He's a good lad for picking you and all your bits up. Your mum came up trumps with the lace though, that's beautiful :)
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

  6. What a super collection of wallpapers - such a busy desk - and love the lace (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

  7. Love the wallpapers. You look like you have a very productive desk.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jumbleberries xx

  8. Gorgeous - LOVE the, so pretty! Can't wait to peek in to your space next Wednesday! Happy New Year! ~Jen

  9. A great first crafty peek of the year - it looks as if you have made a great start. Happy new year!

  10. How wonderful! Sounds like you had a great time. I love how the journals came out. What a great idea to use wallpaper! Looking forward to seeing what else you create with that. take care, FranT

  11. Can't wait to see these finished... and shame on your dad for not playing... you can hold that over his head next time he says he misses you... lol... I am a bit envious of all those papers and samples...xx

  12. Hi Lori love your journals and using the old wallpaper sample books is a great idea. Also love the lace you have there. Thanks for visiting my desk and Happy New Year. Annex
    PS Thanks for visiting my desk.

  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, your journals are looking fantastic.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #112

  14. Blimey, you made a load in two days, well your Dad loved having you home and being able to indulge you letting you veto n with it all. Did he like his present!?

  15. On one of my trips home I got to play and play and play on the kitchen table. My mom even set up the card table for supper so I didn't have to clean up. I have fond memories of that trip.

    Great little journals and kudos to your dad for scoring the wallpaper books for you.


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