Thursday, January 5, 2012

My one little word reveal has been rescheduled...sorry!

On Monday, I mentioned that today I would be participating in a blog hop and sharing the word that chose me for 2012. Well, the blog hop has been rescheduled until Monday, 1/9 for numerous reasons and it is ok because it honestly gives me more time to write the post.

But, I feel a little bad that I led you on...and now I want to wait to share the word that I am going to embrace for 2012. I hope you'll forgive me?  

I hope the following few shots will make up for it or at least distract you. 

While in Wisconsin! I fell in love with a few textures (old bricks, an old door and the texture on the left is an old rusty car door). My Dad has some of the best junk!

Oh, the things I could make with these license plates and a torch....hmmmm.

I ate my last holiday cookie that I made with my family. Cutting out and decorating cookies is something that we have done as a family for as long as I remember. It is always so much fun.
I hope that you will visit on Monday to check out my Shared Message from the Universe where I will share my one little word, the inspiration behind it, how it speaks to me, etc.

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