Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WOYWW and My New Obsession

It has been a little while since I have linked up with WOYWW but I have been playing with pens again (and my iPhone and Instagram) so I thought I would share.
White pen on black much fun and relaxing at the end of my busy days. (Sorry for the shadows, but Superman is still sleeping this morning.)

Please visit Julia's site at Stamping Ground and stalk a few desks.
Also, my addiction to Paper Coterie's April Instagram challenge continues:
During the past few weeks I have discovered Instagram and am playing with textures. I have decided to get better at using my iPhone as a camera by playing along with Paper Coterie and their April Photo Challenge. This month's theme is connecting and getting to know each other. Scroll below to get to know a little bit more about me.

Day 4: My Reflection
Day 5: My Favorite Shoes
Day 6: My Morning
Day 7: My Town
Day 8: My Sunday
Day 9: My True Love (Superman is camera shy)
I hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday.

By the way, I am guest posting on Meg Boone's blog tomorrow. Meg is a Happiness Instigator and a Creative Coun-SOUL-er (can I just say that those are 2 of the best titles ever) She recently asked me to do a guest post. So, please visit her tomorrow to see what I have to say about one of my believe statements:

I believe that true happiness
comes from feeding your soul
with your true passion.


  1. Love the doodles. I've never been able to do it. Can't draw/doodle to save my life.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Aeryn @ #52

  2. Your white on black looks good. I have tried white pen on watercolor also; fun!

  3. Your drawings have a lovely start! I hope we get to see what they become! Happy WOYWW #47

  4. Lori, i swear you and i are soul sisters. :-) Years ago, when i lived in Alberta, I had the EXACT same cowboy boots!! And is that a Nikon camera? I HAD A NIKON CAMERA during those same years... funny how your photos just brought back a flood of memories. Love your blog posts... always so inspiring & positive. You are like a fucking beacon in the night. :-) Love ya girl. xoxo

  5. Lovely work - thanks for sharing.


  6. I love pale
    blue on navy

    your petals are really nicely organic in shape, very senuous

    dx 84 ( i think)

  7. Just loving the white pen on dark card! TFS Cindy #67

  8. LOVE your doodle. The white on black is so striking. Thank you so much for getting me to check for Instagram for the android. I'm so excited to finally have it! Great shots esp. those boots! :-) Can't wait to read your guest post fancy lady! xx

  9. love your doodles! I just ordered a book on doodling from Amazon - can't wait for it to get here! The white pen on black paper looks really great!

    Happy WOYWW

  10. loved your doodles
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww
    kay #70

  11. Hi Lori, your doodling is so cool. What pen are you using? I have never found one that is that bright on a dark background. Love the cowboy boots, I wear them too, I even think that my posture improves when I put them on. I don't know if its because they feel so good, or because I feel so good (and happy) when I'm wearing them. Come on over and visit my blog, who knows you may decide to follow me too. Your newest follower, Connie :)

  12. lovely white on black flowers,thanks for sharing, wishing you a happy but belated wednesday. Sandra #63

  13. Fab pics, love the white drawings. Take care, it's Sunday, but I'm still working my way through the list! Zo xx 75

  14. Some really cool doodling happening there.

    Eliza #80


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