Monday, February 6, 2012

Shared Messages from the Universe

I love everything that this message made me think about...and it still makes me think, feel, and smile.

My first reaction was honestly...what story?

I am just me - nothing spectacular, just a small town girl living in the big city. Then, I giggled out loud and said, yes, I am just me! I have a story.

We all have a story. What is yours and how do you capture it?

You are unique. How you proactively participate in your life is completely different than how I would do so in the same situation.

Think about this for a moment.

Your life IS a story.

What you did yesterday, what made you smile, what brought you happiness, what made you sad - how you lived IS you story. How do you document your never-stop-growing story?

I love this by the way: never-stop-growing. You, your story is always evolving and you play a part in how it evolves, how it grows, how it changes. And, you get to write it.

I choose to write my story through pictures, which if you've seen my previous posts, you probably already guessed.  How do you write your story?

I encourage you to share your story. Your story is unique, different than anyone else's and beautiful. Document it, photograph it, write it down, paint it, draw it...most importantly, share it.

What is your never-stop-growing story?

How will you share it?


  1. Perfect. True. Wonderful. Lori, great post and good reminder for us all to believe in the story of our lives. Thanks.

  2. i've been thinking of this for a while now... my story. Like you, i'm just a girl from a small Canadian town - but like you - surely, i have a story to tell. I also believe we ALL have stories to tell. I've yet to meet anyone with a life so boring that he/she has absolutely nothing to say about it. Well, ok, maybe a few lost uncles or aunts, but that's a whole OTHER story!! lol... Thanks for the reminder Lori. I always love your photos & your writing. xoxo


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