Monday, February 13, 2012

Shared Messages from the Universe...Share the Love

It is my belief that messages from the universe speak to me and remind me of something that is inside of me. When I first see them, I often don't even know what is really being advertised. Instead, the message conjures emotions or thoughts relating to something that is going on within me; in my heart, in my mind, in my soul. I see them on billboards, in magazines, store windows, church plaques...everywhere.  I secretly call them soul whispers.

The messages are all around us 

It is only fitting that the message today be related to love, don't you think? (Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for a special post - I've been collecting hearts for the past couple of weeks and I want to Share the Love with you.)

Share the Love... this made me smile when I walked past it one night on my way home from the train.

As an artist, I believe that it is important to share the love. . . to share what I create, how I see the world and what my thoughts or process are along the way.

Do you have a passion? Do you share it or hold it close?

For the past couple of weeks, I have purposely taken walks with the conscious effort to look for hearts around me.  It means that if you are walking with me I'll fall behind (that is Superman in the photo below walking alone) because I paused to take a photo.

I was stunned to see and find the hearts below. I've walked this street numerous times, as I used to live in this neighborhood, but I never noticed the hearts. It is so amazing what you see when you look for it.

Try it, take a camera (any camera - I have a simple point and shoot that I carry with me, always) and pick a color, any color - now, look around you. How many items are within your view right now that are that color?  Now go to the next room in your house and do the same thing. Later today when you leave your house keep looking for that color and you'll be amazed at how many things you notice just because you are consciously looking for them. Try it - I think you'll be amazed.

I want to encourage you to share the love today - - - share something that you love with someone close to you or share it with a stranger.  Giving a little piece of your passion away just might ignite a little passion in someone else.  Share the Love.

Have you noticed any Shared Messages from the Universe?
Share your message by joining my flickr group by the same name: Shared Messages from the Universe and post or link your photos. Share those written messages that you walk by most of the time. Those message that all of sudden you notice, you read, you react and they move you forward.

I'd love to see the messages that have inspired you!


  1. I have been carrying my point and shoot around with me at all times. Now to remember to take it out!! Great shots!

  2. i LOVE that you share the love, my friend. :-)
    And what i love most about this post (other than your writing, of course) is seeing your reflection in the window!! What a treat. So great that you're noticing & appreciating so much... keep it up, girl!! xoxo


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