Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Color Snippets

Blue sky...I often forget you are there due to concrete surrounding me and traveling by subway.
Last weekend,mwhile I was out in the city, the sky was so blue.  I thought I would share a few shots of my glimpse of the sky from different angles.  I will admit that I often forget to look up because so much is happening around me.
 The morning started out with whispy clouds above.
After lunch the sky was clear.
The reflection in the car window below stopped me in my tracks as I was walking. The color of the sky was captured so well, the lighting and the building were framed so nicely I couldn't help but click the shot.
In the photo below, the two white specks that are in the sky are a star, on the left, and a sliver of the moon. 
 What do you see when you look up?
Can you find color in your every day?


  1. I enjoyed this collection of sky pics, very interesting. My favourite of these is the first one. I love clouds and white and blue together are just the ticket:)
    Wishing you more blue skies and keeping my fingers crossed that you remember to look UP:)
    Have fun!

  2. Love the reflection and evening shots. I can't seem to capture our blue sky with my camera--it never seems to do it justice. You've captured these beautifully.


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