Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Frenzy

So, I know that I will probably regret saying this out loud......I miss snow. The weather has been colder this past week and honestly if it is going to be cold then there should be snow. I blame this attitude on growing up in Wisconsin.

This a photo that I took almost one year ago. The Alice In Wonderland statue in Central Park is one of my favorite.
I can honestly say that I haven't really thought about what I wanted to accomplish this weekend. Normally, before I sit down to right this post, I have an outline or a written list that I have created while sitting at my day job, but not this time. It has been a little difficult to get back into the swing of the day job after being off for 13 days and it has been busy so daydreaming hasn't happened as much. Sigh...

My frenzy:

  • Take some pictures - it has a few days and I miss seeing the world via the lens. (I believe a visit back to the corner of Madison and 79th is in order (I shot the color red a couple months ago - this time maybe green, hmmmm.)
  • Stitch the binding on the 2 journals that a finished and ship or give them to their intended owner. I love to give handmade gifts.
  • Decide if I am participating in the ATC swap with the Fly Tribe. If so, make them!
  • Relax, maybe a bubble bath with candles.
  • Finish  a couple of twisted flower pendants.
  • Place an order for more glaze to make more glass tile pendants and don't forget to order chains too.
  • Escape into the newspaper and a couple of magazine that have piled up.
Ok, that's it, I am sure there will be a subway trip with the BF to explore a different neighborhood, shop or just escape for tea and dessert.

What does your weekend frenzy include?

1 comment:

    i totally understand, girl. Trust me.

    Catching up to all the blogs... i missed you. :-)
    I'll be back.
    So nice to read your calming words again.


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