Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Color Snippets...Flowers

I had flowers on the brain yesterday...which is pretty normal -they are one of my favorite things.  So, I saw them everywhere.  I have walked past the buildings where I discovered these flowers numerous times and I never saw them.  It is amazing what you don't see when you are in auto mode.  This time, because I didn't have a destination in mind, I was able to see the world around me with fresh eyes.

After creating my bouquet for the Creative Color Challenge (which you can see if you scroll down to yesterday's post), Superman and I went out for my birthday lunch and a walk in the city. 

 We walked past Gwyneth Leech's Coffee cups at the Flatiron building.  This time I noticed the floral cups, go figure.  

 If you haven't, please visit the exhibit as it will come down on February 18th.  I can't tell you how much joy her coffee cups have brought to my days.  Don't tell anyone... but I think I am officially a stalker as I have walked by, stopped, and stared in wonder more than a dozen times.

I encourage you to see the world around you through fresh eyes.

Can you find color in your every day?


  1. Sounds like a great birthday!! Thanks so much for sharing these shots with those of us who can't check out this wonderful display in person.

  2. Thank you for the montage of some of the floral cups! Love seeing the cups put together that way. Thank you for being such a warm supporter. I will be sad to leave the Flatiron Building after Faebruary 18th!

    1. Gwyneth - thank you for stopping by and visiting. Your coffee cups have brought so much happiness to my days, I cannot even express how much, so thank you!

  3. both of these collaages:)


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