Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Images from NYC

This week my camera has been with me always and I have been taking many pictures. This is good but it also means that I have not spent time creating jewelry, journals, or painting as I have been in edit mode. (my desk looks the same as last week but with more clutter added)

So, today I am sharing a few images with you. It really doesn't seem like winter and I miss the snow when I am in Central Park.



Practice Requires a Kilt

 This last picture I love. Who knew that even when you practice playing the bagpipes a kilt is necessary? 

Remember to capture those moments, those glimpses into your world, those things you notice and see. 

No one else sees them exactly the way you do. 


  1. Pics of NYC make me excited when I think of my dream to visit the city - keep posting them. :D

  2. thanks for posting these beautiful pics---love NYC!

  3. I love seeing your pictures of NYC. If you want snow this year, you will need to come to Texas. Record snows in west Texas. Go figure!


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