Friday, January 13, 2012

My Favorite Distractions...and a Little Friday Frenzy.

Hmmm. I can honestly say that this week has been CRAZY.

Superman has been sick all week and I have attempted to not get infected (pretty difficult to do when you live together in less then 300 square feet), the "day job" has been stressful so my creative juices have not been flowing, and my mind has been daydreaming.

Yes, daydreaming about today, Friday and for Monday. Why?

Well, today fellow flyer and friend, Violet, is featuring me on her blog, Kelly Mae Kreations. Each Friday Violet is sharing the love by featuring a fellow artist and this week she asked me to participate. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to introduce myself and share a little bit about what inspires me and who I am. Please visit her site.

Kelly Mae Kreations
(c) Kelly Mae Kreations

This photo was taken almost a year ago, James De La Vega is a NYC street artist who often walks the streets of NYC and creates art on anything and everything. A smile is always brought to my face when I walk past his art and messages.

And, Monday, because I've registered for the revolution, a.k.a. The Business Soul Sessions (Hello Soul. Hello Business.) being taught by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nichols and I am beyond excited. I am busting to get started, to learn, to grow, to expand my creative life and business.

I took the photo below just last week and it encompasses exactly what this course is going to be about. Well, maybe the words should be reversed: Pleasure, meet business. hmmmm.

My Friday Frenzy is brief this week - I need to relax (warm baths, reading, maybe clean my desk) and fight this sickness (it hasn't hit me fully yet) that the BF has so warmly shared. Maybe, hopefully, I can run away and take some pictures.

Have a greet weekend!

Don't forget to check in on Sunday for my Sunday Color Snippet post.

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  1. I am off to read the feature about you! I hope you're feeling better by Monday. Lots of rest.


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