Monday, January 23, 2012

Shared Messages from the Universe - Never Hide

It is my belief that messages from the universe speak to me and remind me of something that is inside of me. When I first see them, I often don't even know what is really being advertised. Instead, the message conjures emotions or thoughts relating to something that is going on within me; in my heart, in my mind, in my soul. I see them on billboards, in magazines, store windows, church plaques...everywhere.

The messages are all around us.

The above image was in an ad on top of taxi, thus it is a little blurry, but it really does speak to me this week.

I am participating in the revolution of Kelly Rae Roberts' and Beth Nicholls' Hello Soul Hello Business e-course. During the past week we were asked to think of our creative business as a person, answer many questions and honestly do some deep soul searching.  Thea activities inspired me to write a letter as if my creative business were a person and she was writing to me. I named her Bee. This is what transpired:
"Sweet Lori,

Why don't you take our own advice more often? Why are you more able and comfortable to give a child, a friend or a stranger advice than you are willing to give it to yourself?  

Think about this for a moment.  When was the last time you gave yourself advice?

Why is it that you often compromise what you know and believe would make you happiest?  Isn’t it time to embrace the person inside of you that you really want to be?  I dare you to: Knock. See if she is home. Ask if she can come out to play. Have coffee with her. Take her on a walk. Listen to what she, your inner soul, is saying - - - then jump! Take action – make one of those things a reality. Go for it!

I believe that whispers
   are the sounds that
     your soul makes
   when she is screaming
     ~ so listen closely.

You know those positive little voices, whispers, or tugs at your heart when you are quiet.  Yes, you might call them daydreams, but to me those whispers are your "soul-truths" trying to speak to you.  Most of the time you dismiss them, (but strangely when the fear scream rears its ugly voice you hear it loud and clear and often listen). By the way, just because fear is louder does NOT mean she’s right - so stop it. 

Back to those daydreams, those whispers…write them down, make a list, try one of them, and as you complete them - celebrate. Dance, do a little jig, have a glass of wine and toast to your accomplishment, share it with a friend or on your blog so the whole world can know that you’ve achieved a goal and completed a dream - no matter how big or small. Celebrate!"  

- Love, Bee
This, coupled with the message from the universe this week has inspired me to embrace who I am  deep down inside. The person that I want to be but who is often hidden due to so many external reasons. Never Hide

I encourage you to pay attention to those things around you - are they speaking to you? 

Have you noticed any Shared Messages from the Universe?

Share your message by joining my flickr group by the same name: Shared Messages from the Universe and post or link your photos. Share those written messages that you walk by most of the time. Those message that all of sudden you notice, you read, you react and they move you forward.

I'd love to see the messages that have inspired you!


  1. This is so wonderful Lori. Great idea. I like very much what Bee has to say to you. :)

  2. Hey Lori ,
    Wonderful post love the message Never Hide. Great message to us all. Thank you.

  3. A very wonderful idea and you have done it beautifully and in such a way that is so nurturing. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Wow, such a incredibly powerful post. Thank you 'Bee' and Lori.

  5. I like Bee a lot! And as one who has received your kindness, wisdom and good advice more than once, I have to concur with her that you need to listen to your own advice! Great job, Lori! xoxo

  6. Great letter to yourself and I like your message about listening to your messages. Sometimes there is so much going on in my head, mostly fear, related to my creative biz that I'm not sure what is even trying to be said to me. Does that make sense? You are a positive inspiration, Lori!


  7. "Just because fear is louder does NOT mean she’s right" --that Bee is a wise, wise woman.

  8. this is wonderful, dearest Lori... Bee is a wise voice. :-)
    Your photos (as usual) as beautiful & the messages from the universe very inspiring.
    keep posting, dear girl, and follow that heart.

  9. you are talking right to me. I am looking with wide open eyes after this post for universe messages. Love.


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