Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creative Color Challenge and Day 28 AEDM

AEDM Day 28

I'm linking up with Art Every Day Month throughout the month of November.

Creating art each day: doodling, painting, journal making, stamping, photographing, etc.

Today I'm also participating in Louise Gale's Creative Color Challenge for November.  Each month Louise gives us a color palette to play with during the month. I just love the warm colors she gave us this time.

On Day 6 of AEDM I shared this piece of leaf art. Created with watercolors, inspired by the maple leaves of Central Park.

More leaves #watercolors #art #aedm2012 to be cut up and hung

I decided to make a mobile out of them. Originally I was going to take them to my office, I still might, but for now they hang on my closet doors near my bed.

By the way, at the suggestion of a dear friend, I did not cut up my original watercolor. I photocopied it, cut the leaves out, and simply strung them with thread.

Thanks, Louise for the color inspiration and this month's challenge. Also, thanks to Deborah Velásquez for the mobile inspiration.

Hop over to AEDM and Louise Gale's site to visit a few other creative souls today.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


  1. oooh I LOVE your watercolor and the mobile you made too - I just adore this month's leaves theme and warm colors too. Thanks so much for participating. xx

  2. this is wonderful! beautiful fall colors!

  3. delicate! it's spring here so I kind of deviated from the colour palette myself ;)

  4. Hello friend!!! Love the mobile. Perfect soft energy. Is it driving the cats crazy??? :)


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