Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Cards & Shared Messages from the Universe

AEDM Day 26

I'm linking up with Art Every Day Month throughout the month of November.

Creating art each day: doodling, painting, journal making, stamping, photographing, etc.

The holidays are all around us and I love NYC during the Christmas holiday. Now that Thanksgiving is over I can start to think about Christmas.

I played with my flower stamp to create a few holiday cards. I loved how they turned out.

Hop over to Leah's page and visit a few other creative soul's blogs as we celebrate Art Every Day Month.


 Also, if you are a regular reader you may be familiar with my Monday shared messages from the universe...

It is my belief that messages from the universe speak to me and remind me of something that is inside of me. When I first see them, I often don't even know what is really being advertised. Instead, the message conjures emotions or thoughts relating to something that is going on within me; in my heart, in my mind, in my soul. I see them on billboards, in magazines, store windows, church plaques...everywhere.

I secretly call them soul whispers.

The messages are all around us


I had a pretty low key weekend, needing to take care of myself and rest. I am thankful for Superman being patient and creating hot baths. 

I came across the page above while reading and dreaming through a travel magazine. 

I seriously love this.

There are so many things that I could say but I am going to let it speak to you today.
Share with me in the comments how the message above whispers to your soul.

As always, thank you, for stopping by, reading, commenting, and for being you.


  1. I just love how your tree turned beautiful! You should make cards out of it!!

    I agree I am always hearing soul whispers and take heed of the messages!! I am in a gratitude mode so this is perfect!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I love your stamped tree! I often think the simplest designs have the most to say. Thanks for the reminder to listen to the "whispers."

  3. Love how your tree turned out. Simple and beautiful!

  4. I have some double-decker love going on here! The cards are so adorable...and then there is the message. The whispers of my soul...yah, they line up quite well with that little treasure. "Surround yourself with things that matter most"...I have been working on cleaning some unnecessaries out of my house so that the things that matter most get top billing. I spent some good time organizing my desk last night and this morning it looks like someone works here! lol...not like they camp out here when they have to. Still progress to go, but oh, so much nicer. Thanks for the inspiration. I always delight in discovering the wisdom nuggets you leave laying around!

  5. I saw your photo on instagram and said you should make cards but I see you did!!! I love it!Both came out GREAT! I also like your message about finding an island and surrounding yourself...Iam off this week on vacation and not doing a darn thing, just put all my stuff on the dining room table (my island) and just drawing/painting all the day long...I am in heaven. Take care!

  6. Fantastic message from the universe, Lori. I love the cards you made too!
    How have you been since Blogtoberfest? I just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting another (albeit gentler and more introspective) blog challenge over the month of December called #reverb12.
    Would be so rapt if you joined us!
There's a little giveaway too. :-)

    Details here:

    Take care,

    Kat xxx


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