Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WOYWW - Stamp Making - Flowers

Blogtoberfest - Day 3

I'm linking up with Julia over at Stamping Ground for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW).

Over the weekend I posted about creating a flower pattern using okra. If you missed it go here.

I was so inspired with the flowers that I have decided to create my own stamps using the image that was created.

I took tracing paper and and traced the smallest flower image, I like a challenge.

Lay the tracing paper on the rubber sheet (it's like an eraser but specifically made for making your own stamps and is softer so it is easier to carve) and rub so that the image comes off. If I wasn't copying an image I would have just drawn directly on the rubber to create my image.

Then you carefully carve away what you don't want to be stamped. I knew that I wanted 3 different versions of the flower. Full petal, outlined petal empty inside, and outlined petal with imprint inside. Thus, I carved 3 different versions.

The stamps create these images (below).

Inspired by my previous okra stamping I carved my own 3 different ways - mini flowers #art
Flower Stamps inspired by okra                  (c) 2012

To work with them, because they are so small, a little easier I am going to glue to them to the end of corks.

Next up, creating even more flower stamps from the other images making larger custom flower stamps.

What have you created lately?

Hop on over to Stamping Ground and check out the other artists this week.


  1. They look awesome, well done.

  2. These are so cute. And so tiny! I still having carving my own stamps on my list of creative newbies to try.

  3. Wow never tried to do that ..... Would like to though after seeing yours
    Thanks for sharing
    Jackie 15

  4. How interesting. Amazing...from okra. But looks like alot of work. i don't think I would have the patience for that. LOL. Brigita #112

  5. You are a clever one! These look great. #94

  6. OMG those are fantasic :) I'd never heard of okra, so just googled it lol. And your hand carved stamps are amazing, I've tried a few designs before but think that I will be trying this one, thank you so much for the inspiration.
    Hugs Sally #125

  7. These are so sweet, Lori! I have been carving stamps for years, mostly for doing Letterboxing. These are a wonderful idea, what do you plan to use them on?

  8. Happy WOYWW. I have never seen hand-carved stamps before - fascinating. Ali x #72

  9. great! thanks for sharing... melinda alpha #145

  10. Lori, these stamps look wonderful! Now you can enjoy okra flowers all year round :-)

  11. I am so very happy that I stumbled upon your blog today. I finally have the solution to my lettering problem, I can make stamps, rather than trying to do the same type of writing free hand. I don't know why I never realized this was possible. now I just need to find out where to by the materials to do this.


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