Monday, October 8, 2012

Shared Message from the Universe -

It is my belief that messages from the universe speak to me and remind me of something that is inside of me. When I first see them, I often don't even know what is really being advertised. Instead, the message conjures emotions or thoughts relating to something that is going on within me; in my heart, in my mind, in my soul. I see them on billboards, in magazines, store windows, church plaques...everywhere.

I secretly call them soul whispers.

The messages are all around us


I am reminded recently that life is short. 

As I reviewed my recent photographs this one spoke to me as if it were screaming.
This was on the outside of a store window in NYC.

Find Something You Love

I remember when I took this that I smiled, camera in hand. I had just spent a few hours photographing at the farmer's market. I think I smiled for blocks because at that moment I was doing what I love.

I have recently decided that I am going to create more art. 

I love to paint, print with stamps, doodle, art journal, take photographs, and make jewelry. I am going to continue to create. It is what I love.

Having a business where I sell what I create will take a little more time and I need to be okay with that. 

I have a full time day job and, for now, I need to have it. 
Thus, I need to create to feed my soul by creating art in order to balance myself out...because it is what I love.

Find Something You Love

What do you love?
Can you do it every day?

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  1. I hope it won't be long before you'll be able to art the day away, Lori!


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