Friday, October 12, 2012

A Little Bliss...

I'm linking up with Liv Lane and her Little Bliss List today. I am really enjoying sharing what has brought me happiness and joy this past week with you. The real truth is that it makes me more aware throughout the week, more grateful, more positive, more present. I love it! 

The wings below in the photo remind me that angels are watching us.

This past week has been filled with blissful moments:

1. Bonding with my brother roofing part of our parents house. It was fun, even though it was hard work, shingling the roof. He knows that I am capable, doesn't hover, so it was a great time and we got it done quicker than we thought.

2.  Spending time with my parents. I stay at their house when I visit, in my old room (which is now my Mom's quilting room), and there are moments when I feel like I'm 16 again. 

3. While visiting my parents, someone asked my Mom what I did in NY and my Mom answered, "She's an artist". No mention of my day job just nonchalantly, "She's an artist". It made me smile.

4. A trip to the orchard with my parents. It took me back to being a child. Autumn in Wisconsin for me is filled with memories of the orchard and a Sunday drive to get apples.

5. My niece, she is a beautiful, almost 19 year old, freshman in college. Love her to death!

6. Superman welcoming me home with a cute note, warm embrace, and muscles to carry my bags up 3 flights of stairs. 

I really am so blessed and blissed this week.

Hop over to Liv's blog and visit a few more lists then look back on your week and remember those simple moments of bliss.


  1. Fantastic photo! So glad you had such amazing family time. They sound like a great source of love and support xx

  2. I'm a follower of your blog and lurk along, reading all your entries. I read this a few days ago and now find myself reading and enjoying it again. Thanks for sharing all about your wonderful family!


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