Thursday, November 1, 2012

Journal Making - AEDM Day 1

AEDM Day 1

It's November and that means Art Every Day Month. Leah over at Creative Every Day is inspiring and encouraging us, again this year, to create art every day during November.

Making a handmade journal for a friend #books #art

I've been home because of Hurricane Sandy, working via my blackberry (my day job does not have power), so I've been creating. 

The above are different views of the same journal that I am making for a very dear friend. It's a surprise (now don't all of you think you are getting it). :)

I used pieces of paper, mod podge, clips from magazines, lace, wallpaper, sheet music, watercolor paper, ribbon, stamped the front with my rose stamp, hand stitched a little, and made cute cut outs on some of the pages.

I loved making this. I hope she loves it, too.


  1. Your journal looks wonderful. Your friend will be sure to love it!

  2. A beautiful journal! Such a lovely gift for a lucky friend. Glad you're safe and sound and even get some bonus arting time. And glad you're taking part in AEDM too! xx

  3. It is fabulous...I like to see work from different angles and aspects. Such a wonderful gift too.


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