Friday, December 16, 2011

Art Discovery...and my Friday Frenzy

I often escape my day job in the middle of the day so my eyes can stop seeing lines (spreadsheets can be a bitch). The other day I wandered to Madison Square Park and discovered beautiful colors through the windows of the Flatiron Artspace on the corner of 23rd and Broadway:

I spent 15-20 minutes exploring the beautiful cups through the window. I snapped a few photos and walked back to work with a smile on my face, and new eyes now open to color everywhere I looked.

My Friday Frenzy is filled with too much. I know that I will never get it all done but I am going to try. The BF leaves today to travel and visit his brother's family for Christmas and I leave next Wednesday to visit my family so I'll have the apartment to myself this weekend.

  • Unpack and clean up the boxes from the recent renovations.
  • Twist more flower necklaces.
  • Create more tile necklaces if time (this might require a trip to Michael's).
  • Saturday morning city snapshots. (next weekend I will be in Wisconsin so I'll shoot photos of barns, horses and my favorite walking bridge to share with you) I sure hope there will be snow.
  • Pack, oh I need to pack.
  • Find a necklace that my Mom gave me to fix...I wonder where I put it? Oh, and fix it so I can take it with me.
  • Create one of the gifts that I have for my niece, Taylor.
  • Remember to pack the magazine and paper snips for my creative project with Taylor scheduled during my visit home. I am so looking forward to creating with her.
I am selfishly looking forward to Tucker snuggles and the whole bed to myself during the next few days even though I will miss my BF/Superman.

What frenzy do you have planned for your weekend?


  1. Great photos, Lori! I love your blog b/c I feel like I get a taste of NYC here in Texas. Now I'm going to check her out too.

  2. Thank you, Lori, for this lovely post and great photos. The exhibition at the Flatiron has been extended through February 18, 2012 so stop by again and see how the installation grow!


  3. Oh I absolutely love. I am not the only other mad woman out there that paints coffee cups. How can you not?..plain and white and ready to go! (August blog post...) hope the holidays are treating you well! Julie

  4. Fantastic display! You've captured it beautifully!

  5. oh Lori, these are SO much fun!!! And i love how they're all hanging there in the window, just waiting to show off. :-)
    Great shot. Thanks for sharing this beauty with the world. xoxo


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