Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Color Snippets

The BF and I braved the crowds to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center last night. Crazy, insane, pushy...crowds.

This is my favorite shot - seriously, I love this unconventional photo.  It isn't what you expect but it is a picture of the tree. I moved the camera from left to right while the shutter was open to get the movement of the lights on film.

Looking through the lighted trees at the Christmas Tree.
What the star sees from the top of the tree.
The tree is a 74 foot tall Norway Spruce decorated with 5 miles of lights (30,000) and the lights are powered by solar energy.

Are you surrounded by color this holiday season?

Can you find color in your every day?


  1. I LoVe the first photo showing your movement. That is the best photo I've ever seen of the NYC tree! amazing.
    The others are wonderful as well. I love the building with the red bow. If I recall correctly some years they have white snowflakes on the windows as well but I have to say I like the bow alone, its much more dramatic! Great work in capturing the colors. I have lots of color going on here out in the suburbs! The day after Thanksgiving everyone came outside and started working on their lights and decorations just like little elves! And I have decided to not be a holiday scrooge and just learn to enjoy the blowup decorations too! ;)

  2. Your first shot is absolutely magnificent. I'll have to give that technique a try!

  3. Oh how I love New York during the holidays.Did you get to see all the fab windows already? We come down after Christmas to see the windows, less crowed.

  4. Love that first shot too. I bet it would be really great printed large scale!

  5. I adore the movement shot of the tree- just amazing!

    You have a wonderful eye for colour!

    LLJan xx


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