Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Color Snippets

I've been playing with my photos from the green/farmers market.  
Can you find color in your everyday?


  1. I already miss all of the fresh produce of summer -I love today's color snippets!

  2. Lovely closeup shots - the radishes are beautiful! My husband and I took some shots at a Christmas market we went to - they'll be appearing on next WOYWW :)
    I'm so sorry but I've already drawn the winners for the festive bunting on WOYWW 131 - but I tell you what. Tell me your favourite colours and I'll make you a special. My niece is coming to New York for New Year to visit her brother who's living somewhere near Central Park. If you email your address to me via my blog, she can post it to you when she gets to NY. That'll save me some air freight postage!
    With love,
    LLJan x

  3. so beautiful, colorful, and fresh! makes me miss the markets too. I love this weekly feature on your site.

  4. oh Lori, these colors are soooo yummy. Thanks for the reminder (once again) of all the beauty to be found in nature.

  5. Beautiful. It's making me hungry! It's a reminder too for a visit to the market this week.


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