Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Made This - Glass Tile Necklaces

I have been working on my glass tile necklaces. I mentioned that I wanted to make them in an earlier post - here

So, first, I needed to rid my small workspace of Tucker hair which was a project in itself. I live in a studio apartment in NYC - one "living" room (couch, chair, queen bed, a small desk and tons of books) with a tiny kitchen (fridge is under the counter) and a bath. Tucker hair is everywhere!

My first attempt was less than successful. I didn't apply enough pressure and bubbles appeared. The good thing is that you just have to toss the tile into some water, the diamond glaze dissolves, the photo comes off and you are left with the glass tile. Dry it off and reuse.

So, after some trial and error I have made a little progress.

A couple of these I haven't kept because you can see the bubbles. Also, I should cut them out first (to do during the next round).

The big question that I have resolved is what to put on the back. Above you can see one of my messages from the universe that I have put on the front, "Every Thing Must Go" - for the back, I played with pretty paper, left it blank, and I played with another photo but it just didn't feel right.  

So, I have chosen words or phases that I have cut from the newspaper or magazines.

This photo was taken prior to the glaze drying clear so it looks a little milky. I also realized that I probably should have put the bail on first but, oh well, live and learn.  This message, by the way, is on the back of the "Every Thing Must Go" glass tile.

So, even though, the project hasn't gone as planned and it has taken me much longer than I thought it would AND  I am still not done. I am loving the figure it out as you go and learn by doing process. 

If I had gone in with a complete plan, I would not have come up with the words on the back. And, I love this discovery.

Now, off to the day job. I plan to use my lunch break to pick up some more supplies. Eating is overrated.

What are you creating? 


  1. You could pick two words at random from your cut outs and they'd make an interesting phrase! I like the fact that you're just going with the flow while making your stuff and if it doesn't work, well you get round the problem. Life is too short to stress about things that ain't world shattering!
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  2. Lori, this looks soooo cool. i have no idea what this process is or what you're talking about when you say "bubbles" but it looks like so much fun. And i LOVE the end product! How big are they? I'm guessing rather small... like little paper weights? :-)
    thanks so much for posting. It's always so interesting & inspiring to see what you're up to.

  3. Oh great stuff, liking the evolvement process, so much more rewarding.congrats on the tucker hair removal...wonder how long it will stay away!

  4. The necklaces are looking really good and what a great idea to use the words on the back. I have tried the glass tiles and when I put the glaze on the back it always seems to crack. Don't know if it is the heat here or just me.
    Have a great day, Von #25

  5. I love your glass pieces! also the words are always great to put into pieces. Words are art in themselves! As for Tucker, I am assuming cat or dog? We had a black and white cat named Tucker. He was quite a character! We moved 2 1/2 miles away and he kept going back to the old homestead! The woman that lived there kept bringing him back. Then one day he never showed back up at all and wondered if the coyotes finally did him in. Miss that cat.

  6. These look great Lori!!! I love the photos and the quotes too. You are on a roll!

    I used to have a little refrigerator too and a tiny apartment. Oh those were the days, but I didn't have a Tucker then:))

  7. They are so pretty and it's a brilliant idea. They will be very tactile as well as beautiful.

  8. Love the "everything must go one"

  9. These glass pieces are great. I especially like the words "starting a new chapter" on the back of the "everything must go."

    Very clever!

  10. Poor Tucker...getting ousted from his favorite sleeping spots! Those are looking the idea of the sayings and the one worders. Julie

  11. These are so cool, Lori! What an original idea. You could have any number of phrases and wear them according to your mood. I like your quirky sense of humour!! Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #53.

    (PS I've been creating sparkly butterfly mirrors this week, since you ask!!)

  12. Glad you're enjoying the learning process...and thanks for sharing what you learn as you go along!

    I don't think it matters how big your house is when you live with a fur ball. My house will NEVER be fur free!

  13. They look great and aren't they fun to make.


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