Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Frenzy

Thinking about everything I want to do this weekend is a bit overwhelming thus the frenzy...

  • Creating glass pendants out of my photos. (I didn't do this last week due to not feeling well so it is still on the frenzy.)
  • More photo taking.
  • Out for brunch with the BF - crepes, yum.
  • Christmas Tree viewing - yes the big tree.
  • Windows - I love Christmas in NYC and the store windows are always a must see.
  • A trip to the bead store - this honestly might wait until Monday - to get chains for the tile necklaces.
  • More flower necklaces, maybe I will try to make earrings too.

What are your weekend plans? What's your frenzy?

Earlier in the week I stated that I would mention a blog schedule, well, I enjoy blogging every day. Participating in Blogtoberfest and then AEDM helped to make it fun. There is something about sharing things with you that is motivating.  So, you may still see a post every day but I can't promise (the day job is a little crazy this time of year) so i have decided to commit to the following: 

Sunday = Sunday Color Snippets (highlighting photos filled with color)

Monday = Shared Messages from the Universe (sharing every day written words that speaks to me)

Wednesday = I Made This (sharing my art; photos, jewelry or something else I try)

Friday = Friday Frenzy (sharing my weekend plans and some more of what I have created)

In the past, I have also consistently posted: Tidbit Tuesday, Random Thoughts Thursday, and Saturday has been a grab bag of fun. So, who knows maybe a bonus day here and there too. 

I do rather enjoy my morning ritual while the BF sleeps. On the days I don't post, my goal is to check in with all of you and catch up by reading your blogs.

Thank you for bing a part of my journey. Your words are always encouraging so leave comments and share in my creative adventure.


  1. wow girl!! you are SO organized!! And your "frenzy" on the weekend sounds like fun to me. I know you take advantage of all the free time you have to make (or notice) beautiful things in the world.

    The yellow in those leaves is so pretty... it's pretty amazing when you start noticing the deep colours that surround us in nature alone, isn't it?

    thanks for sharing. I'm hoping to paint this weekend & finish reading a few books. Nothing major, but nice. Oh, and a nice cup of cappuccino on the couch while i'm reading. :-)

    take care girl

  2. Loving your enthusiasm! It is fun. It has been a great way to connect. I think I am a wee bit addicted too!
    I will get to nyc soon...fingers crossed. have a great weekend! julie

  3. Love your schedule! Organized and interesting but still some breathing room. Love the photo--great color contrast!


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