Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Desk Relocated...

So, what's on my work desk...well, honestly, if you scroll back to last Wednesday's post it still looks pretty much the same as it did then - buried and cluttered.

I've unpacked most of the boxes, hung pictures on the walls, tossed a few things, decorated all over again after the mini apartment renovation but my desk is still a mess. I am so glad that the BF has been gone the past few days (I miss him dearly but it means that I was able to use the coffee table as my creative space and I didn't have to put things away at the end of the day - hee hee).

I've spent much time taking pictures, editing pics, and paging through magazines. I am always amazed at the messages from the universe that are sprinkled throughout magazines. I'm going to attempt to create journals when I am home visiting my family. My niece is going to help with this fun project.

I've twisted a few more flower pendants - now to add the button or beads to the center.

I hope I've found enough messages to embellish the pages of the journals - well enough that at least a few of them speak to my niece. My Dad scored a few old wallpaper books from the local paint store in my home town. Our plan is to gesso, stitch, mod podge, and I'm sure we'll find sequins, glitter, lace and other treasures in my Mom's craft drawers that we can steal from to add beauty to our journals. I'll share our creations or at least our progress next week.

Messages from the Universe -- I know that is my usual Monday post but as you travel this week or the next time you sit down with your favorite magazine. Notice the messages that are speaking to you.  They really are all around you.

As you enjoy your cup of coffee or tea today, jump on over to Stamping Ground and check our some other creative desks as part of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday to see what they've been working on. 


  1. I bet you are one popular aunt! Isn't it great to craft with the younger generation. You are going to have so - much - fun!

    Happy WOYWW #82

  2. oh I love doing creative activities with my neice as well! We broke out the glitter last week and she had a ball! Sounds like you are going to have an amazing time. Have you gone to Modge Podge's blog? its wonderful. ENJOY!
    PS my desk looks the same as yours LOL

  3. Sounds like you're going to have lots of fun!! Enjoy the Christmas crafting :) I notice signs like that all the time, especially when feeling a bit low. The right phrase seems to crop up when you most need it.
    Hope you have a great festive holiday
    Hugs, LLJ #43 xx

  4. It is interesting what signs the world tosses your way. It makes you think that things aren't as random as you'd think. I love spreading the creative mess out sometimes... desk, side table, other table, counter tops, footstool, etc.

  5. Love the magazine cuttings idea. Merry Christmas!

  6. Great cuttings there - and I get loads done when hubby is out of the house! Thanks for sharing in such a busy week! Hope you have a very festive and wonderfully merry time - see you in 2012! Sarah at 11.

  7. those magazine cuttings are just perfect and glad you are getting to spread out a little and not have to clean everything away, which is always a pain... happy holidays...xx

  8. Hello, Lori! I'm dropping by to greet you and your loved ones a joyful and blessed Christmas season! it looks like you're going to have a grand time with those cuttings and other materials. Great messages there. Thanks for sharing your life and projects with us in your blog!
    peggy aplSEEDS


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