Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Frenzy...From Tucker

My name is Tucker. I'm a cat. Let me rephrase, I'm a rescued now spoiled cat. You've probably seen me in a few of Lori's photos - I like to sneak in and make guest appearances.

Don't tell her but I've high jacked her blog today. Purr

My previous owners left me at a shelter 5 or 6 years ago and Lori walked into the adoption van on a sunny June day...that's when I made my move. I waited and waited for her to get close and once she was close enough, I strategically put my paw through the bars and touched her. She came closer and I rubbed against the bars, chirped (meowing is only necessary when you need to demand something) and once she put her face close enough to the bars I licked her nose. I remember this clearly because this when the nice girl took me out of the cage - I never went back. Instead, I was propped on a table and that's when Lori fell in love. I could tell and I overheard Lori tell a story about a cat that she had who had passed due to illness and that she had another cat at home that was lonely. I got more excited, another cat...I practically danced on the table. I was then stuffed into a box and I went on an adventure.

I was let out in the bathroom - later I learned that this is the only room that has a door and she didn't want to scare Hershey, the other cat. I was so excited to meet him, play and have a snuggle buddy so when the first opportunity came I escaped when the door was opened. I had 5/6 years with Hershey, playing, snuggling, and getting into trouble. For the past 6/7 months It has just been me and that selfishly means that I get all the attention. 

It also means that I know Lori's schedule and patterns quite well. Each morning she gets up and plays with her iPad, she often takes pictures of me (sometimes weird pictures like the one below), during the week she disappears during the day and I miss her but I am always by the door when she gets home, on weekends we get to have some fun...

Each morning, I make sure she gets up so she can talk to all of you (feeds me) or so she can visit your blogs. I sit next to her while she plays, drinks her coffee - honestly, I fall back to sleep - it is pretty boring to watch her type. 

I overheard her last night talking about all she had to do this weekend and how she might need my help so we will be:

  • Making more glass tile necklaces after Lori goes to Michael's to get some supplies. (this means I have to watch from afar)

  • Twisting wire flowers - I love to help by playing with the ends of the wire.

  • Hopefully, she'll go outside and take more pictures so I can take a nap while she is gone.

  • I am sure she is going to read the newspaper and cut more things from her magazines. I overheard her talking the other night about making journals when she is gone visiting family (oh, how I hate when she leaves - no snuggles).
I better run now before she catches me talking to all of you. Have a great weekend and let's keep this just between you and me - Lori never needs to know.


  1. Hi Tucker, nice to meet another computer literate kitty out there on the Internet!! My name is Beatrice and I am known as the Computer Queen. Mummy gets quite cross with me sometimes because I like to play on her computer when she's not there, and I leave all sorts of interesting things that she's saved and blogged about - if you visit her blog you can find me there! Lately she's started putting a nasty hard tray over her keyboard so I can't play. She says she can't trust me not to hack into her Paypal account and make huge purchases on Ebay. (I did think of taking my sister Phoebe on a holiday to Cat-mandu but that's another story.) I must say you are really cute. If I hadn't had my squeak removed, I think I could really fancy you. Purrrrrs from Beatrice in the UK. (PS I lick my mummy's nose too.)

  2. I also have a rescued cat, he appeared in the garden one Good Friday. We love him to bits , but he is unwell at the moment, so he is being spoilt rotten and allowed extra privileges.
    Your Tucker is adorable and so clever!
    Lovely post, thank you:)

  3. Tucker you are absolutely gorgeous! We also have two beautiful and very spoiled rescue kitties. (My husband would have a house full of kitties if I let him.) They just can't seem to get enough love and cuddles (or dinner!) either. They're the boss of us and we wouldn't have it any other way! xoxo cutie!


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