Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Frenzy

I get excited on Friday's...
You see, I have a day job and it isn't a creative day job. I am a fundraising consultant by day - - artist by heart. This week has been filled with client meetings, dinners out, a Broadway sounds glamorous and is most of time fun but this week I've missed my lunch time photo walks. My get away, my disconnect, my creative time.
So, it is Friday and it means blue jeans and cowboy boots. It also means weekend plans and all the thoughts of what I need to try to get done this weekend (this is where the frenzy comes in):
  • Clean my desk at home. (my apartment is probably the size of your bedroom, more about that in a later post)
  • Take photos Saturday morning.
  • Edit photos.
  • Blog posts.
  • Create some jewelry. (twist some earrings)
  • Connect with a couple of friends.
  • Maybe take in a flea market.
I could list 10 more things...but I am already freaking myself out so let's hope that I can cross 2 of these off my list this weekend.
What is on your Friday frenzy list? What do you want to accomplish this weekend?


  1. My frenzy right now is trying to find a time to hit nyc in the next month! just looking into flights...yippee. Have a good weekend..Julie

  2. just popping in from blogtoberfest to say hi - i'm a fellow flyer as well. my frenzy at the moment is trying to fit everything in to this weekend before I go back to work on Monday after two weeks school holidays - why do they go so fast!!

  3. @spaark Julie, let me know when you are planning to visit NYC. Maybe we could get together for coffee or something!

  4. @Kerrie Kerrie, I so agree the weekend does go too fast. Enjoy!

  5. my frenzy involves a pumpkin festival and hopefully housework, definitely a walk in the woods. really hoping breakfast at my place with my equally frenzied girlfriend tomorrow morning, and would love to see my dear sweet Pam tonight. there is also a trip to boston in the plans for today, to check out Occupy Boston with Keith and the kids (but he may be dealing with some reluctant companions, as we would all prefer to stay local :P)

  6. @Susie @Susie - enjoy your frenzied weekend!!! Pumpkin festival too fun!

  7. I am exhausted yet inspired by your list! When is Renegade Fair? I want to go. Find anything at the flea?

    Blogerfest seems to be keeping you on your creative toes. Awesome!


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