Saturday, October 8, 2011

Smitten Saturday

Blogtoberfest:  Day 8

I love to buy handmade art and crafts.  Thanks Mom!

As a kid I remember my Mom and her friends creating their art & crafts items and then selling them annually during deer hunting weekend in Wisconsin. I specifically have memories of helping my Mom make Christmas ornaments that she sold.

When she didn't create items to sell we attended the fair and purchased creative items from other people that we knew. When I am home, we still attend and purchase. We went just last year!

So, I blame my Mom for my love of handmade items. Thanks, Mom!

Today I wanted to highlight 2 artists that I've recently purchased items from: Pauline Leger @ Art for the Heart and Erin @ Appetite.  I'm in love with them both.

Pauline Leger creates beautiful paintings

bird with many wings
(c) Pauline Leger
and has created an adorable Little Women series that just makes me want one of everything!

(c) Pauline Leger
Make sure you check out her Etsy store Art for the Heart.

Erin from Appetite creates beautiful hand silk-screened textiles and creates scarfs, pillows, purses and more.  She loves to use upcycled, repurposed materials which makes her items to me even more attractive.

I came across Appetite during the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this year and purchased a clutch bag at that time.  When I needed a new purse I knew right where I was going to get it. I recently purchased this bag

(c) Appetite

I encourage you to check out Appetite's etsy store and her website to link to her homewares that are just as beautiful!

I'm in love with purchasing handmade items.  I encourage you to support one of the artists I've listed above or to shop from your favorite artist. 


  1. YAY! Me, too! Growing up it seemed like my mom and sister Marcia were always coming up with one thing or another that they would shell at craft fairs. :D Marcia's style was more the kitchie and ridiculous - a favorite of mine was the 'Spider Web Getter' which was a stuffed garden glove stuck (F you style) on the end of a broomstick. decorate them, ribbons. they were ridiculous. Also lots of assembly line memories with hot glue and mountains of doo dads on the dining room table. so much fun!

  2. I'm a fellow handmade lover as well! Thanks for introducing to some new resources!

  3. How lovely that your mom started this tradition in your life! Popping over from Blogtoberfest

  4. Love craft fairs! Lexi and I recently started making magnets from baked clay and also bottlecaps! She has expressed making them and selling them to her classmates and becoming rich! =) I don't a fifty cents a piece pays for the magnets we glue on the back! She'll catch on soon! =)But it is so fun to make together!


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