Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Made This

Blogtoberfest: Day 5
Inspiration and creations. What inspires you?
This photo was taken at the farmers market. The way it is framed you don't see anything but the flowers so you wouldn't know. I love to take pictures and always carry my camera with me.
© Lori Moon Studio
The pendants below were created and given to friends as gifts (love that my friends are my prototype testers). More are scheduled to be made (in-between by day job hours) and in a few months will be for sale. I am so excited!
I am also working on some wire wrap pearl earrings and hope to feature them next week.
Has something inspired you to create and make art?


  1. Lori, these are beautiful! I cannot wait to see your ETSY shop. i love handmade jewelry. (it's practically the ONLY kind i love)

    Love this "blogtoberfest"... is this part of an e-course, or you just decided yourself to blog every day in October? Very brave, sista. Thanks for sharing your inspiration for these lovely pendants.

  2. @pauline Pauline, you are so sweet. There are over 200 bloggers participating in blogtoberfest just for the fun of it. I chose to do it to help kick start my blogging. I'm having a lot of fun!


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