Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Feel Cheated...

Blogtoberfest: Day 29

I feel cheated, Autumn is my favorite time of year and due to all the rain this year the trees just haven't popped. The color isn't dancing. So, I am posting a few pictures from last year.

How was your Autumn? Did you have color to play with?

Oh, and earlier in the week you may remember that I arrived in Colorado to snow...well, I have returned home to a Winter storm warning...and the snow should arrive this afternoon.

I guess I need to embrace Winter...I just feel like it is too early.


  1. I am sorry this is not the right place to leave this comment but here is where it shall have to go. I have been looking for your face. You have been on my blog since the start. When-ever I click your face it doesnt take me any where so I have not been able to thank-you. But looking though your photos I realise you are the great photographer living in NY. I can remember want to know how you grouped those amazing shots in clusters on your blog. I so enjoyed looking at your work at the start of the course. I must not have understood how to follow back them. Thank-you and love your work.

  2. Lori, these photos are so beautiful...

    Yes, i totally understand why you would feel cheated this year. :-( I was disappointed to hear of the snow you were expecting in NY, knowing full well you would most likely not be impressed.

    Hope all is well & that the snow has melted.



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