Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Color Snippets

I don't know about you, but I sometimes do things just because I want to. Selfish, I know. But, finding color in the gray concrete world of the city takes a little effort.
On Saturday mornings my favorite thing to do is to take my inner child on a date to the farmers market. I like to go early (I leave the BF in bed), coffee in hand, and camera around my neck.
© Lori Moon Studio
I like to play, get close, kneel on the ground, often dogs greet me with excitement because I am at their level, and I can snap hundreds of photos. As I review the pictures, I am always amazed at the colors. (None of the photos here were enhanced.)
© Lori Moon Studio
I am also in love with mosaics - grouping a few of photos together allows me to share more of them with you.
Where do you find color?
Do you find that you gravitate toward one color more than another?
As you live today, doing whatever touches your inner child, I encourage you to notice the color that surrounds you and makes your soul sing.


  1. I was in NYC for the 1st time last Oct. and LOVE the eclectic nature of the city. Took lots of photos of mosaics and crazy signs, fences, doors...what a photographer's dream place to live!

  2. I love the color group photos! Very cool idea! I'd love to frame them! Might have to try that for my kitchen with reds...
    Absolutely love NY... maybe someday I will make it there again and stop in and say Hi! Lexi wants to see the Statue of Liberty so maybe when she is old enough to really take it all in! =)


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