Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Frenzy

Blogtoberfest: Day 14

It's Friday and that means a frenzy of activity for me. (Feel free to look back at last weeks post if you'd like to see how this started.) So many things, I really am going to have to choose.

  • Clean my desk, yes this is carries over from last week. I honestly only did part of the cleanup so still more to do.
  • OHNY-Open House New York is this weekend. This occurs once a year and it is when some private buildings open to the public in NY. You can tour and take in the architecture and design.
  • Make jewelry!
  • Artist studio tours in Chelsea.
  • Early Saturday morning photographs at the farmer's market.

Oh so many more; yoga class, brunch with the BF, read the paper.....

What is on your frenzy list?


  1. Looks like you have some fun filled days!
    So nice are going on an Artist's date!!! :)

  2. oh Lori... how i wish i was there for OHNY and the artists studio tours in Chelsea!! Do you sometimes pinch yourself that you actually live in NY? You certainly have a huge appreciation for all that surrounds you.

    And that BF of yours sounds pretty special... your own Superman. You're one lucky girl. As long as he doesn't wear tights... :o)

    have a great weekend Lori!

  3. @ Lisa Michele - I love artists dates - honest since I have a day job they are one of the things that keep me sane.

    @ Pauline - I often do pinch myself and sometimes I even forget that I live in NYC. I get stuck in a routine. By the way, my BF is wonderful and no you'll never catch him in tights. BTW, he laughed at your comment. :)


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