Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Made This...With a Whole Lotta Help

Blogtoberfest: Day 26
I know I promised to share my ATC's but this so dear to my heart that I need to share this today instead, I hope you understand.
I primarily worked on the roof with my colleague, Sarah. (I am on the right) Together we shingled over half the roof.

As you may know from my recent posts this past weekend I was Mississippi with a group of colleagues from my day job volunteering. Sacred Heart Southern Missions has been a client of my company for over 60 years and services that they deliver to the community in MS is nothing short of a miracle.

The level of poverty is extreme. Many people do not have electricity, indoor plumbing or telephones. The home that we worked however has electricity and indoor plumbing. The pipes used to freeze in the winter and heating the home is done with space heaters and often never kept the home warm. I can honestly tell you that it bothers me greatly that I live in a country that allows people to still live this way. I am so happy that I volunteered to help give someone a better, safer home.

Working with my colleagues was rewarding. We worked as a team to accomplish something greater than ourselves.
Demo - the outer layer needed to be removed down to the frame. See the door in the center?
Progress, a new door, insulation, plywood and wrapped. Window framing and siding would be started before we left.

What touched me the most is that the owner of the home watched the progress with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She chuckled more than once at Sarah and me on the roof shingling. She was the most humble, grateful person. She shared that after the first day her home was already warmer during the night.
It was a busy, long, hard working 3 days. Seeing her smile, hearing her thanks as we left, and knowing that her home was warmer was the best reward to end our visit.

This was only one house. There are many many more. SHSM constantly has a project like this and welcomes volunteer groups to visit and help.

I encourage you to give back, share the love, and make a difference in another person's life today.

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  1. there is nothing more rewarding, is there?

    I so understand your frustration at seeing this happening in the US (and yes, sadly, it happens in Canada too). You're doing your part to make a difference, as are many other people.

    You all, no doubt, touched this woman's heart & changed her life. People like you & your co-workers restore my faith in humanity.


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