Monday, November 7, 2011

AEDM and Shared Messages from the Universe

Art Every Day Month continues...

As a jewelry artisan, I love to take a sheet of metal, a saw, a hammer and create something beautiful. With a day job, I don't always have the time or the energy that it takes to do this. So, over the weekend I decided to make a pair of my signature earrings. Sterling silver wire, handmade ear wires and freshwater pearls (2.5 inches long).

I had forgotten how much I love to make these, which is funny because I love to wear them. I have 3 pairs. I even sold a pair off my ears in Central Park a couple of years ago.

I've decided to create more pairs likes this with different pearls and offer them in my long awaited etsy store. FYI: my etsy store currently only exists in my dreams but is on my list of goals. I'll keep you posted.

- - - - - - -

Shared Messages from the Universe

For those of you joining me from AEDM, on Mondays I share a message that I received from the universe during the past week. You know, that billboard or sign that you drive/walk by every day, and never notice, until that one time when you needed to read it because the message held true meaning for you right at that place and time.

The message this week is below (and for full disclosure it is part of a great ad campaign for Levi's - which I get nothing for mentioning except to show that messages from the universe come in many forms from many sources). I love the sky, the vast openness that i translate to anything is possible.

This message came at the right time this past week, rough day at my day job, and it reminded to stay on my creative path.

How will you "Go Forth" today? How will you move forward and not get stuck in the negative inner critic corners of your mind, (by the way, we all have them)?

I encourage you to be brave today. Go Forth!

Take one small step toward your ever growing dream - even if your step is to dream bigger - that IS a step.


  1. The earrings are beautiful. Freshwater pearls are so tactile and make into wondeful them.
    Gwen xx

  2. yes, DREAM BIGGER!! Woooo hooooo!!

    Lori, i know you'll have an ETSY shop eventually, and i also know you'll do well. Your jewelry is fabulous and personally, i can't wait to own a pair of those gorgeous earrings or those beautiful necklaces you make...

    Rough day at the office - we all know what THAT means. So glad you're sticking to the creative path. It's where you belong Lori.

    keep listening to the whispers in your heart. :-)

  3. Very pretty. And I think they would do beautifully in your Etsy store :)

    I also enjoyed your shared messages from the universe...I often see words or groups of words that have meaning at the time. I need to snap more pics of them when I do. Thanks for sharing yours :)

  4. love your message!!! The earrings are really nice too.

  5. Those earrings are just beautiful... I hope you do make a lot more... they will be a great success I think xx


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