Friday, November 18, 2011

AEDM & Friday Frenzy

Art Every Day

Editing photos is time consuming. I'll be honest; I get lost, bored, and frustrated during the process because I would rather be out taking more pictures. But in the end, I am always amazed at the colors, the angles, and that I have so many keepers. I have had a lot of fun taking pictures recently and the best part is honestly sharing them with you.

I felt and acted like a child as I walked around in the leaves. It was liberating.

Friday Frenzy
[this is my regular Friday post]

Thinking about everything I want to do this weekend is a bit overwhelming thus the frenzy...but happily I don't just have a weekend - I have a week! I have taken next week off from the "day job" - yahoo! A whole week to create, do yoga, meet with friends. I am more than excited.

  • Creating glass pendants out of my photos. (I have shared the set up with you in a past post but this next week the creating begins.)
  • More photo taking.
  • A visit to my old job for a couple of volunteer hours.
  • Scheduled visits with long time girl friends and new found friends.
  • More jewelry; more work on the charms I am carving from wax, more earrings to twist and I am hoping to finish the bracelet/watch, too.
  • Very much needed reorganization in my apartment.

So much fun frenzy I am not sure what to do first...

What are your week/weekend plans? What's your frenzy?


  1. Beautiful leaves. Isn't Autumn just the best? Have fun with your week off!

  2. I feel your frenzy - the big question where to begin! I love your photos! I felt like I was right there with you enjoying that beautiful fall day and the steps pic is fantastic!

  3. Hiya Lori! I was especially excited to see your name on AEDM today because I wanted to thank you for the the ATC I got from you for the FlyGirl exchange. It is so sweet. I have it in my studio. I love your photos. I live in the South where we don't have much seasonal change so seeing the leaves is so cool. As for my weekend plans, my first art market since doing the art thing full time. I am nervous and so excited. Take care.... Rae Payne

  4. hey girl! I'm thrilled for you that you get a whole week off!! WOOOO HOOOOO!! Hopefully you'll find all the time your little heart desires to play. :-)
    Your photos are beautiful - as usual. i love the first one, of the leaves on the steps. I can almost hear the crunching. Such a great angle...

    Have lots of fun, my friend & keep posting!

  5. I love the feeling just as holidays are starting and you have those glorious days ahead of you... can't wait to see what you do with all that time xx

  6. I love the steps, is that over by Bethesda fountain? That area used to be one of my favorite spots in the summertime! I love your photography!


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