Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Love Flowers. . .

Thank you to all who have visited and continue to visit, read and comment. I have really enjoyed AEDM because of you. You have inspired me and reinforced that I am on the right path. Thank you for being a part of my journey!

Flowers appear in my creative work often.

I really do love flowers. The simple complexity and the beauty. The fact that they don't last long once cut so you have enjoy them (really enjoy them) may make me appreciate them even more. 

Also, I have such fond memories of both my Mom and Gram having such beautiful flower gardens. My Mom's garden is still beautiful.

I photograph flowers all the time. Making specific plans to visit certain parts of Central Park in Spring to specifically shoot the tulips. I simply love them. 

I have, also, often cut them out of silver sheet to create pendents and twisted flowers out of wire. Creating greeting cards with twisted wire flowers on the front of the card. A small bouquet of wire flowers to brighten my desk. 

I've just never thought of sharing and making them available to all of you. Crazy how the obvious just isn't so obvious sometimes.

I recently cut a couple of flowers out of paper to create a card which I hung a pair of my pearl earrings on to give to a friend. I, of course, kept the sheets of paper thus the pattern of the flowers. 

I am going to create necklaces and earrings. 

Now, to create centers from buttons or beads

Flowers are a theme that I rely often in my creative work (photographs, jewelry, sketching, painting). 

Does your work have a theme? 

Do you return to a particular theme when you need be inspired?


  1. Lori, you continuously impress the hell outa me. :-)
    These flowers are so funky... and the buttons!! Just looking at them made me smile. Love everything you do. You are one talented & creative gal. So glad we met... :-)

  2. I certainly understand your love of flowers. Your wire ones are very beautiful and very different form others I have seen.

  3. Flowers rock! And yours super duper rock.

  4. I am still trying to decide exactly what my theme is. I know what I like, but am having a hard time narrowing things down. I am just trusting that when it is the right time, it will all come together. I have tons of buttons and love what you have done with yours!

  5. I think you should call this line My Grams Flower Garden. Or Mom and Grams Flower Garden. I love how the cut out card became art in itself! I love the direction your work is taking. Beautiful.


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