Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art Every Day & Tidbit Tuesday

Art Every Day - day 15 my day 9 (I've played hooky a few days)

Garnets, rose quartz, sterling silver, flat headpins - maybe a watch...maybe just a bracelet.

I'm not sure how everyone else works but I tend to work in stages. In this case, I will thread each bead with a headpin and bend the headpin at a right angle then to keep the bead in place. I will move on to the next one. I can do this while I watch tv. Later, I will wrap the wire around the pliers to make the loop on each bead. It may not be efficient - I'm not sure but it does mean that I can do two things at once.

I'll share more as it continues to evolve.

Tidbit Tuesday
Tidbit: a choice or pleasing bit (as in information)

Little tidbits about me...

  • I love to be pampered. Mani/Pedi, massage, bubble bath.
  • On a rainy day, I love a cozy blanket, a hot cup of tea, a purring cat and a good book.
  • I love my early mornings. Coffee, my iPad to read blogs and post to mine, my cat next to me - the BF is still in bed. Selfish, I know, but I like the solitude. Giggle, FYI my apartment is a studio apartment - one room, no door between the sleeping and living spaces - he sleeps only feet away - I guess it is my kind of solitude.

Share a little tidbit about yourself in the comments.
I'd love to know more about you to.


  1. oh my dear Lori... you are SO not selfish. :-)

    - I too, love my space & solitude.

    - Love long walks in the cool crisp air

    - sitting on the patio with a good book in hand

    - making spaghetti sauce on a Sunday afternoon (while enjoying a glass of wine, of course)

    - sharing a meal with family or friends

    - bubble baths with candles

    - hearing my son's laughter...

  2. Your supplies look fabulous - looking forward to seeing how it evolves! Tidbit about me: I love to watch Sci-Fi tv shows. I've even gone to one of their conventions - and loved it.

  3. I agree about the early morning solitude...bliss!
    You have some interesting bits there..I will come back to see how they all come together.
    Gwen xx


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